Possessed Tranquility is an Electronic Alternative Rock band, and was formed in 2012 by lead singer/programmer Anthony and guitarist Kaylie. Both were solo artists that combined talents. Both have a digital creation background, with composing, writing and production talents. During the early stages of PT, Jason joined as the drummer. Later Kaylie's sister, Kori, would join as the bassist to complete the band.

PT has recently shared the stage with Orgy and Wes Borland's Black Light Burns. PT has also filmed a pilot episode for "Paranormal Central" which aired on Fox and CW. They filmed 3 additional episodes in March 2014. PT has worked with LightPost Films for their debut of "Hear You Calling" music video. This song also won an award for "Best Alternative Rock Song" from Akademia Music. Their first full length CD is scheduled for release July 25th, 2014. Their live shows are filled with high energy, and an amazing performance.

They are the official house band for TV/ online show Paranormal Central which is the number one show viewed on Art Bell's network.